Measure to succeed  You’ll see “28 days till awesome” on our sign – and we mean it. You can get fast results through a combination of cardio and weight-bearing vibration training – especially when you set goals and follow through on them. That’s why we’ll do an assessment every 28 days, first to set targets, then to make sure you’re meeting them. This will include measurements and a weigh-in on body composition scales, determining things such as body fat, BMI and waist size. Within 28 days you’ll be able to clearly see your weight LOSS and awesomeness GAINS!




Irina Ray

The first month
  In the first 28 days you can expect a more slender body, including reducing your waist and leg size. You’ll also see emerging definition all over your body.




The second month  The second 28 days literally builds on the increased muscle tone you created in the first month, while also focussing on burning fat.





The third month Now we focus more on diet, increasing cardio intensity and upping your vibration programmes to accelerate fitness and weight loss – or moving along the continuum of slender body form and reducing fat.





At SlimmersEdge you get personal training included in your membership – from $19.95 per week. We work out how to best target the areas you want to improve, then personalise the right programme for you. Memberships allow 24/7 access, so you can come any time that suits you – though you’re encouraged to make appointments with David Clark on a regular basis at no extra charge, to ensure you get the body that you expect and deserve.