Fotos InternetDavid encourages you to keep a food diary to highlight any barriers to healthy weight loss. He also manages an online group where you can post pictures of your meals and ask questions, receiving valuable feedback in the process. Nutrition is such a major part of healthy weight loss, so David will supply regular recipe emails, cooking classes and meal assessments to get you where you want to be. He has lots of simple, healthy recipes to help you achieve your ideal weight, believing a sustainable eating plan is superior to fad diets that tend to play yoyo with the scales. All the components are waiting at SlimmersEdge, ready to be put into play. So, are you ready? Let’s do this.

Gut Health


Fermenting foods David makes a two-minute pickle with Umeboshi Vinegar.


Meal boosters Brown Rice and Umeboshi Vinegar have delicate enzymes that improve gut health. Meanwhile, millet cereal is the most alkalising grain out there.

The trillions of tiny ‘process facilitators’ that live in our bodies have been making headlines lately – and for good reason. These good bacteria – particularly those in your gut – improve digestion, boost immunity and help you get leaner. Research is still emerging on just how important these mighty microbes may be for our health – but early results are exciting. The most effective way to help these good guys to help you is by eating foods packed with probiotics, such as fermented foods. David is an expert in gut health – from the nutritional aspect, to the more holistic side that can be addressed via his 30 years experience in Shiatsu massage therapy.



The author of Inspiring Organics, David has plenty of exciting ideas to improve your digestive enzymes. These, in turn, enhance health and metabolic activity for weight loss and healthy body tone.