David Clark Shiatsu massage & testimonials

Shiatsu massage

The main concept behind shiatsu is that chi energy circulates along channels in the body.

David asserts that, by manipulating pressure points along these channels and relaxing the body to get energy back in balance. The techniques used in shiatsu include stretching, holding, and most commonly, leaning body weight into various points along key channels.



Ampuku abdominal massage

Ampuku is an intra-abdominal treatment that promotes healthy internal organs.

This treatment is the difference between massage simply for pleasure and comfort, and healing for greater systemic health by harmonising digestion, fixing gastro-intestinal swelling, and improving chronic conditions such as endometriosis, ovulation and menstrual disorders by strengthening the memory and the body systems.
It stimulates circulation, digestion, absorption and blood distribution, oxygenating tissues in the process. Hormonal function is improved and reproductive organs awaken.



Kidney ginger compress

With the application of a heated compress containing plant extracts to specific parts of the body, this treatment balances and purifies the kidneys, which eliminate nearly 60% of the body’s toxins.

This Improves kidney function, helps with weight-loss, improves libido and increases energy levels.



Remedial Massage

If you’re after something more traditional, tackle those tricky niggling aches with a full body deep tissue or remedial massage.

David is an expert in fixing neck pain, shoulder tightness, back tension and spinal alignment, tired aching legs, arthritic joint pain, and any sprains, strains or body issues you may be experiencing due to sport injury or office-isation.

Ray Ridolfi
Founder of the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London and past President of the British Shiatsu Society.
I’ve known David since the early 1980s when he was a student in our Shiatsu school in London. Even then he was already outstanding in his bodywork talent, holistic and compassionate interaction with people. I readily recommend him as a therapist and mentor to anyone wishing to improve their health.

Steve Fisher,
Spirit of Adventure Trust,
Chairman, QSO,
Company Director.

I have been treated by Dave Clark for the past 25 years. I say ‘treated’ because he not only recognizes what a client needs, but one comes away with a feeling of having been treated. He has a great understanding with a holistic approach from massage through diet to exercise. It’s a journey worth taking. 

Jamie Linen,
I come over from the States once or twice a year. David is exceptional. He has a most unusual gift.

Seeby Woodhouse,
Voyager New Zealand.
I don’t normally give personal references, but this one is worthwhile. A few years ago I got really sick in Thailand with food poisoning, and my intestines never quite came back to 100%. Recently I’ve been seeing David Clark who does intra-abdominal massage – basically he gives your internal organs a massage by getting into your abdominal cavity. He’s probably the only trained practitioner in NZ who does this, and frankly he’s AMAZING. Most of your energy stores and 50% of your reserves of vitamins and minerals live in your Intestines, so if they’re not 100%, then you’ll feel awful. If you have any kind of digestive problems, acid reflux, abdominal pain, bloating etc, then go and see him. You can thank me later.

Grayson Coutts
Makeup artist
Four sessions made a huge difference to my digestive problems.

Rita Steel
Sales manager at Disney
David’s massage has helped with my on and off digestive problems. I highly recommend these massages for anyone who is in a similar boat. and when I take his nutritional advice I get much healthier and feel much better!!

Andrew Krukziener,
Krukziener Properties.
David has been my masseur for 28 years, at least once a week – and up to four times a week during some years. I have been to some of the world’s leading spas and had shiatsu from the son of the inventor of shiatsu and I can honestly say that David is better than them all. His ability to understand his client’s body, combined with his unique salt pack and ginger compress treatments provide both healing and stress relief from almost any ailment. He has always been able to take any stress I have had in my day and throw it out of the window – all in 90 minutes. I have recommended him to many friends who have had ailments over the years and he has always been able provide a solution that goes to a different place beyond what a physio or chiropractor can do, but always complementary to any other traditional treatment.

Rob Donley
Samex Ltd Director
David has repairing me for 30 years. If not for him I would be broken. It’s a pity I don’t do as he says but that said he’s a bloody great mechanic!

Peter H Thorp LL.B (Hons)
Barrister, Auckland.
“I have known Dave Clark for over 20 years, during most of which he has provided me with a weekly massage. Dave is most reliable and of the utmost integrity. He is a skilled masseur, with his own particular technique. He is also most knowledgeable in matters of food and general health. I am looking forward to his massages for many more years ahead.

Alan Paterson
Anderson Lloyd

David is an exceptional masseur, who always puts 100% into his treatments. He has great intuition as to problem areas, and the ability to really to adapt and focus his treatment accordingly.
David also adopts a holistic approach to health matters and is most helpful with advice on diet and general wellbeing.

Ereni Conolly
Chemist and mum Hawaii
David is a gifted masseur and health/nutrition coach who has helped my husband and I over the past 10 years. Recently my husband has become ill and David has helped support us while we’ve been abroad by recommending foods and recipes to help him. David’s even been on trips to the grocery store with us via Facebook messenger; making sure we pick the right foods that’ll help. This shows the care and dedication he has for all his clients and his willingness to help in any way he can. My husband and I are truly grateful to have met David and would highly recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

Erin Lee Caviglioni
Beauty and massage Therapist

I worked with David at Spa Metropolis for some years and he taught me the ginger compress and shiatsu techniques that I have used in my own practice. He has helped me with my diet and inspired me since then and always offered advise with my clients when I ask him. He is a true friend and pure empathic being.

David, you are a true healer. How amazing it is to watch you work and share your knowledge with us over the years. You have changed lives with your health practices, I hope more people discover you and share your journey.

Anne Rowntree
I’ve known David as a practitioner and dear friend for some years now. I am In my 70s I have Been nurtured and encouraged in his vibra gym. and have experienced his massage as well. I recommend his work highly and his nutritional knowledge is amazing. There is a cook book to guide you on how to take care of your body as well.



Lynnaire Reedy

One day I randomly came across David’s website whilst surfing the internet and saw that he did this massage called Ampuku. I was very interested in Ampuku because it stated that the massage helped clean out your insides and help with any problems you may have. So out of curiosity I made an appointment and off I went. My problem was irregular periods. My mother had the same problem when she was younger and my sister has the same problem now.  During my first appointment David asked the purpose of my visit?

My reply: “I really want to get pregnant in the near future but I have very irregular periods”. David said if I could give him 2 months of working on me then I would fall pregnant within that time! I left that appointment feeling overwhelmed and thinking not to get my hopes up because I had being trying for many years to conceive without success and that I had also had 2 miscarriages.

I turned up to every appointment with a positive attitude and the hope that this would work.  After 7 appointments (1 a week) I found out I was pregnant… yay, I couldn’t believe it and couldn’t wait to tell David on my 8th appointment. I was the happiest girl in the world that day.

I feel I owe him so much for helping me conceive and overcome one of the biggest hurdles in my life. If it wasn’t the treatment David gave me, I would still be trying to this day to conceive through modern medicine.

Once again David, thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.


Gillian Somerville
Human Factors Engineer

Hi I highly recommend David. I have seen him about 4 times over the last few weeks for a treatment and each time I leave I feel so much better – more energy, I can think better and my body is beginning to work better!!!