Vibration Training

The gym

SlimmersEdge is a small, boutique gym, able to provide a personalised service to all of our members.

Complimentary personal training – and more

Cook BookDavid is all about ensuring you have fun at the gym – and proving that yes, that can be done! He’s also focused on helping you achieve maximum results in a safe and healthy way, by ensuring you hold your positions perfectly on the vibration machines, making sure you’re working to the best of your ability on the cardio equipment, and designing the perfect ab workout just for you.

David was trained by Power Plate International and has 15 years experience with Advanced Vibration Training. Add to this over 35 years of complex understanding of how the body works developed through his shiatsu massage practice, plus a whole lot of nutritional expertise, and you have a complete body expert at your disposal. David is also the author of Inspiring Organics, published by Penguin Books.PRPIC_FVEP_white copy

Fitvibe Pro machines

SlimmersEdge has five Fitvibe Pro machines, made by German medical supply company, Gymna-Uniphy. The vibration plates move at 30-50 times per second, stimulating those muscle groups that the brain doesn’t communicate with. We have a whole host of workouts programmed to Smart Cards (with programmed exercises concentrating on “slow and steady” or “high intensity” levels). These cards are inserted into the machine and a digital display will show you the positions to hold for the duration – typically 50-70 seconds each. There are around 15-17 positions per programme, making a vibration training workout only 15-20 minutes in total. Yes, a lunchtime workout is totally do-able.

Personal guarantee

“I guarantee to help you get the body that you deserve and expect!” – David Clark.