Shiatsu massage

About David Clark: 

David Clark has completed over 40,000 hours of body work over the last 33 years specialising in Ampuku abdominal massage, Shiatsu and the Kidney Ginger Compress massage. David is one of the few practitioners in New Zealand who practices Ampuku working his magic to help with a whole horde of maladies.

An expert on how foods affect body systems he is author of ‘Inspiring Organics’ a cookbook about energising, cleansing, strengthening and toning the body. David also created SlimmersEdge Gym and the ‘28 days till awesome’ program situated on Anzac Ave, Auckland Central for mobilising the body and creating slender body tone.


David does a Swedish/Thai style oil massage for aches, pains, and tension issues. His speciality in this area is neck, shoulder and back pain.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage circulates chi energy along channels in the body. David asserts that, by manipulating pressure points along meridian channels and relaxing the body to get energy back in balance and, therefore, help treat numerous ailments.