Patty’s Story

Patty is pleased with her first 2 x 28 day challenges at SlimmersEdge.

Patty says:


“Thank you SlimmersEdge for helping me lose weight and workout hard. Thank you for my trainer David Clark who helped me concentrate and motivated me for good health, good training, good fun and good results“.


Patty lost:

  • 5.5 kilograms in 2 Months, now she is excited to weigh 54.5 kilograms
  • Waist is down 7 cm
  • Hip size down 5 cm
  • Legs reduced in size by 5 cm





Patty’s diet success:


I eat porridge with half banana or 2 boiled eggs with boiled carrot or broccoli.

Lunch and dinner

I simply eat more vegetables and less rice with less flavored sauces and spices. I still eat chicken and steamed fish and have introduced more tofu. The tofu stew is delicious and fried tofu with spring onion and mushrooms are my favorite.

water ideasCut out

  • Coco Cola  and replaced with lemon or lime water which is good.
  • Potato chips and replaced with prunes at night time when watching a movie.


I walk to and from work which is 30 min then cardio 15 min at SlimmerEdge with 15 min vibration program followed by the cellulite eliminator 12 with is the best to get rid of fat.