The 28 Day Challenge – Be in to win

For the month of October we are running a 28 day challenge with a prize for the winner who gets the closest to their goal target.

Be in to win 
How the competition works is you come in for a measure and chat to set out you goal for the 28 day challenge and we design you a training program and diet plan for the 28 days to follow. The winner is the person who gets the closest to the set goal and you win –  prizes include ⭐ – a 1 year membership at SlimmersEdge, 10 x 1 hour massage sessions, 10 x David Clark’s Inspiring Organics Cookbook.

So if you want to lose 3 kg and achieve exactly that you will be a winner or if it is a cm tummy goal or even a weight muscle gain you could be the winner of

WIN the SlimmersEdge  $1,200 Fitness Pack.
We’re giving away an awesome Summer Kickstarter, plus if you’re not already a member grab yourself a 7-day free trial when you enter: Message us now for your free trial to enter?

Prize includes a 2 times 3 month $350 SlimmersEdge memberships and 5 x $100 massage voucher.
T&C’s apply.