The ski accident

David Clark in the Austrian Alps 1986.

David Clark got involved with vibration training after a skiing accident whereby he fell, slid and bounced 1000 meters down an ice glacier, breaking a few bones and concussion.

The radial ulna joint on the wrist of his right arm was damaged and the surgical approach was to have a pin through the joint restricting movement, which would have made massage difficult so he did some research into strengthening the muscles around his wrist and increasing his bone health around that area.

David discovered Low Intensity Vibration (LIV) training could help restore bone health

The Power Plate was used by the French Ski Team to help with fitness and injury.

Back in 2001 when he was looking for ways to heal his broken bones he discovered the ‘Power Plate’ machine and how it had been used to increase bone density and could treat low bone mineral density and osteoporosis and improve circulation and muscle strength. The machine allowed circulation in a gentle manor and pushed blood into his joints and bones. The healing was activated and with further research David Clark discovered some of the other possibilities of using the vibration machines and opened his gym SlimmersEdge.

Low Intensity Vibration training also:

  • Makes muscles firmer and slimmer
  • Helps with osteo-arthritis
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases feel good hormones FGH
  • Helps with weight-loss
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves flexibility

Did you know?

Astronauts – In a weightless environment astronauts experience around 15% – 20% loss of bone mass or bone mineral density a year, equivalent to 10 times that in a case of pronounced, untreated osteoporosis on earth. To put this in context, women affected by osteoporosis who remain untreated, can lose about 1.5% of their bone mass in the lumbar spinal region, in the hips or femoral neck within one year. An astronaut, by comparison, could lose this amount in a single month. NASA was the primary contributor to Professor Clint Rubin’s (the world’s foremost expert on LIV and bone) research on LIV and helped developed the finished device.

Vibration Training is primarily associated with fitness equipment that you find in your gym, such as SlimmersEdge, Next Gen etc. The main focus is to activate and build muscle tone and help with weight-loss.

Low Intensity Vibration (LIV) is targeted at bone health and bone growth. It’s focus is on stimulation of the Stem cells responsible for producing bone and re-activating them at the same time also increasing the activity of osteoblasts (bone building cells) and reducing the function of osteoclasts (bone removing cells). It does this with absolutely no contra-indications and is medically approved to treat osteoporosis.