HOUR GLASS body shape

This body type tends to gain weight evenly throughout body, most obviously around the face but also round knees and ankles giving a soft, rounded look.

Typical cravings – dairy products especially ice-creams, refined sugar, carbs such as pastries and sweets.

Hormone watch point – the master of hormones, the pituitary gland that affects both cortisol and insulin.

Foods to eat – whole grains cereals, like oatmeal and quinoa, one serving of lean protein like lean chicken or fish, greens like broccoli, rocket, watercress and sango sprouts flavored with brown rice vinegar.

Foods to avoid – dairy products, refined carbs and sweets.


CELEBRITY HOUR GLASSES – Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez.

Where to get foods – Countdown and Foodtown stock these food items and you’ll find the brown rice vinegar and quinoa in the health food section or you can get it at SlimmersEdge.


Breakfast: Smoothie made with 3 tbsp acidophilus yogurt, coconut milk, berries, dash of cinnamon.

Lunch: Grilled salmon fillet with grilled tomatoes, pepper and red onions with a salad of rocket and brown rice vinegar.

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast, ½ sweet potato, steamed and 1 cup broccoli flavored with brown rice vinegar.

Snack: 5 prunes, handful unsalted nuts.