If you have an apple body shape you tend to carry all or most of weight through the belly area. With the legs and arms staying fairly slim.

Typical cravings – starchy foods like bread and pastas as well as fizzy drinks and caffeine.

Hormone watch point – Insulin. The key to losing weight for the Apple is getting her blood sugar levels under control.

Foods to eat – Whole grain millet, Clean protein, including tofu, organic chicken and fish. Healthy fats like eggs, avocado, nuts, seeds, nut butter and full fat cheeses. Leafy greens like spinach and kale flavored with umeboshi vinegar.

Foods to avoid – Starchy carbs, high sugar fruits, coffee and fizzy drinks.

Where to get foods – Countdown and Foodtown stock these food items and you’ll find the umeboshi vinegar and the millet in the health food section or you can get it at SlimmersEdge.

CELEBRITY APPLES – Drew Barrymore, Catherine Zeta Jones, Liz Hurley, Angelina Jolie.


Breakfast: Millet porridge with stewed apple and acidophilus yogurt or 3 tbsp cottage cheese with tomatoes, handful spinach.

Lunch: Organic chicken with raw veggies, 3 tbsp fresh salsa and ½ avocado.

Dinner: Kale, mushroom and onion omelette made with 2 eggs.

Snack: Small bag salted popcorn.