Eating Out Choices

Pizza with rocket greens

Italian menu:
Quite often pasta and pizza are the Italian choice, so to balance out the rich cheese and carbohydrates you can simply order a rocket or leafy greens salad.

  • Small pizza with salad greens or share a main course with a friend and order a side dish of salad greens.
  • With Pasta dishes simply order steamed vegetables or a salad rather than garlic bread.

Dhal with rice and salad vegetables

Indian menu:
Often you’ll be eating Indian with friends so try to take control of ordering.
Lentils thin down the blood which lowers cholesterol and breaks down fat, try keeping the chilly and spicy flavouring separate so those who wish can add to their meal but it’s better to go subtle flavours. Order a lettuce salad to balance the rice and spice!

  • Dhal which is a thick Indian stew made from lentils, pulses, onions, and spices.
  • Kadai Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Saagwala, Rogan Josh, Chicken Tikka Masala or Chicken Biryani is less creamy and fatty choices. These dishes often come with finely sliced cabbage or you can request that.
  • Vegetables preferably steamed or a lettuce/rocket salad.
  • Rice but don’t eat too much.

    Pitta with lots of salad vegetables

Café style menu:
You can find healthy food in any Café.

  • Don’t go for muffins and scones in the morning because you missed breakfast!!!
  • Rule: When eating bread, pasta, potatoes or chips eat the same proportion of salad or vegetables.

Scrambled eggs with fried tomato

Café breakfast:
Go simple like scrambled or boiled eggs rather than Eggs Benedict and keep to 1 protein for ease of digestion. Sausages, backed beans with scrambled eggs are too hard on your liver.

  • Go porridge rather than muesli.
  • Have hummus, pesto and rocket, tomato or coleslaw and sourdough bread toasted with eggs.
  • Have black coffee or tea rather than latte or flat white.

    Sushi with tempura, lentils and salad greens

Japanese cuisine menu:
This is a good eating out choice but beware not to overeat especially white rice.

  • Order a fresh salad to balance fried side plates.
  • Try a tofu dish or corn yakitori.
  • Have 4 or 5 pieces of sushi with a side salad rather than 10 pieces of sushi.

Thai lime and chilly mixed seafood salad

Thai cuisine menu:
Order mild dishes with plain vegetables and share steamed rice as they always serve with a huge bowl of white rice.

  • Choose dishes with lots of vegetables and less flavour.
  • If sharing with friends order just one protein dish a big salad bowl and share rice.

Sweet and sour salmon with salad

Chinese menu:
NO MSG, and keep the other flavours simple.

  • Sweet and sour is ok but balance with steamed greens like bok choy.
  • Even when eating with friends choose one meat protein such as chicken, seafood or red meat.
  • Order simple accompany dishes i.e. Tofu and/or vegetables like steamed bok choy.
  • Steamed rice NOT fried or if fried make this your protein choice such chicken fried rice.

Mexican menu:
Beware of the nachos! They have lots of fat and spice that are not ideal.

  • Seasonal salads, burritos and enchiladas.
  • AVOID Nachos and Tacos.

Korean soft tofu and seafood stew

Korean menu:
Korean foods are full of nutrients and fermented foods that are great for the digestive system.

  • Seafood stews and clam soups are simply delicious and healthy.
  • Seaweed soups are nutritious.
  • Double protein dished like fish/egg stew is hard on the liver and too rich.
  • Avoid spicy stir fried noodles and rice.
  • Avoid spicy pork, beef and chicken.
  • Buckwheat noodles and salad is a healthy way to go.
  • Vegetable leaf wraps are fantastic.

Seared tofu with barley and salad vegetables

Vegetarian menu:
Can be cluttered with an excess of raw vegetables, lacking in protein and
and flavoured with rich cheese or mayonnaises sauces.

  • Make sure beans are cooked; they should be soft enough to crush on your pallet with your tongue.
  • Don’t choose too many varieties of foods and flavourings, less is more.
  • Choose lighter salad dishes for summer and stew type casseroles for winter.
  • Chew foods well as most whole grains need at 30 chews per mouthful.