The Benefits of Cooking Food

Tofu and vegetable stew

On average, food provides 20 percent of the fluid we need―and far more if you choose water-rich fare. When it’s warm or you need to fill up, factor in food when considering your hydration needs.

What you really need
Water is an important nutrient that comprises 50 to 60 percent of your body weight, and it also helps transport other nutrients within the body. Yet because the body doesn’t store water, you have to replenish the supply. How much do you need? For years, we’ve been told to drink eight glasses of water a day for optimal health. But that one-size-fits-all prescription has given way to a more flexible approach. Health experts have found that fluid requirements vary from person to person, and for many of us, the best way to stay adequately hydrated is to use thirst as a guide.
In the kitchen
Cooking affects a food’s moisture content and people don’t think about water as such, but it really is a major ingredient. Water can be a vital part of a dish simply because it provides a medium for food to cook in without searing or burning. Just think about water’s critical role in preparing grains and starches like pasta, couscous, rice, and hot cereals. When we cook these foods in boiling water, their starch granules soak up water, causing them to swell and soften (and become edible). This increases their fluid content as much as six fold, transforming them from one of the driest foods to one of the wettest. This is why I don’t recommend eating foods like muesli, its way too hard on the digestive system and very dehydrating.

Raw foods are more nutritious
Cooking does lose some nutritional value so yes raw foods are higher on that level but when healing a gut (digestive organs) that has been overloaded and stripped of its digestive enzymes it’s important to have foods that are easier to process and more hydrating. Raw foods are more cleansing and can cause stomach bloating because of the rapid cleansing action they ignite. Think about a babies delicate digestive system and why we only feed them pureed foods to start them eating. Similarly when you are building up your gut health and healing it is better to eat simple flavoured boiled or steamed vegetables.