Mesha’s 6 week Challenge

PrathaMesha Bhaswande – Great results this week from Mesha who works on our inter-island Ferry’s and Chief Engineer. His greatest love when away at sea for his one week 24/7 shift was chips and pasta. What a great effort to come to SlimmersEdge every day when he was back in Auckland for his week off and keep the focus on more vegetables with less chips and pasta whilst working the long hours.

Awesome 6 weeks result especially the waist-line improvements.. 8 cm from both the hips and tummy!!!
Looking sharp!



  • Takeaways including burgers, fries, Indian, Chinese and pizza (learn to cook)
  • Sugary drinks
  • White bread
  • White rice
  • Instant noodles
  • Candy bars and chocolate
  • Pastries, cookies and cake
  • Foods high in added sugar
  • Fruit juices
  • Ice cream
  • Anything in a packet or plastic bag (such as crisps, crackers and snacks)

BREAKFAST IDEAS: Ideally vary your breakfast for best results. Breakfast is an important meal because it encourages the metabolism to burn fat during weight loss. It also stops mid morning poor choice snacks.

Upon waking: glass or two of PURE water, followed by a cup of tea. Coffee is OK later once your body systems have woken up but no more than 1 black per day.

  1. A free range egg omelette/scrambled/boiled with optional vegetables like capsicum (red is best), beetroot, carrot, broccoli and spice with fresh herbs/spices to taste like parsley, turmeric, coriander, curcumin (anti cancer), garlic (anti-heart disease), onions, etc. This is a great energy sustaining breakfast if you can make the time to have it 2-3 x weekly. No toast – Considervegies as your carbs.
  2. Poached or grilled fresh fish on a bed of salad or fresh vegetables.
  3. Oat/rice/millet porridge with cow/rice milk and acidophilus yoghurt.
  4. Fresh fruit salad with chopped nuts & seeds especially almonds (anti-cancer), hazel nuts and brazil nuts (all contain healthy saturated vegetable fats GOOD for your heart, liver, brain and arteries). Can top with half a cup of acidophilus yoghurt if desired. This is great when it’s really hot in summer and you don’t feel like a heavy breakfast.
  5. A blended smoothie. Ideal for those with limited time in the morning. This can be varied and is quick to make once you have all the ingredients handy. 

MORNING SNACK: Ideally avoid if you are a healthy adult unless you have hypoglycaemia in which case have a handful of healthy nuts and seeds with an apple or pear. Green tea or other healthy herbal tea is best.

LUNCH: Any of the following ideally rotated for variety:

  1. Last night’s dinner with a salad or boiled/steamed/roasted vegetables.
  2. Grilled free range chicken (legs or breast without the skin) or lean lamb (cutlets, chops or steaks) with either sautéed vegetables, salad or boiled/steamed/roasted vegetables.
  3. A wrap with plenty of grated or chunky vegetables (preferably wheat free).
  4. Stir fry vegetables with chicken/lamb/beef and/or tofu.
  5. Wholegrain sandwich with plenty of fresh raw grated vegetables. Those intolerant to wheat use rice and rye or other wheat free grain breads.
  6. Large green salad. Add olive oil, brown rice vinegar and/or lemon dressing with fresh herbs.
  7. Nutritious soup eg pumpkin, kumara (both nice with ginger), chunky vegetables.

AFTERNOON SNACK: Ideally avoid if you are a healthy adult unless you have hypoglycaemia in which case have a handful of healthy nuts and seeds with an apple or pear. Green tea or other healthy herbal tea is best.

DINNER:  Any of the following (Eat slow, chew well and never overeat):

  1. Have any breakfast or lunch options not already had that day.
  2. A large green salad with plenty of salmon or tuna, olives, feta cheese and red onion with your creation of olive oil/shoyu/soya sauce/garlic/lemon dressing.
  3. A good size portion of your favourite meat (free range or chemical/hormone free) with an equally large portion of green salad and/or fresh sautéed or steamed vegetables including at every dinner at least 4 vegetables such as: kale, cabbage, Chinese greens, red capsicum, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, beetroot, tomato, green beans, pumpkin etc. With half a cup of cooked brown rice or quinoa.
    Try and avoid potato or white rice as these act like sugars once digested.

DESSERT: Once in a while dessert is OK (2 times a week).

Best choice for the odd dessert is:

  1. Fresh fruit salad with acidophilus yoghurt and grated dark chocolate.
  2. Carrot cake on its own or with acidophilus yoghurt.
  3. Lewis Road Creamery or New Zealand Natural (or other good quality) ice cream.
  4. Apple pie with acidophilus yoghurt or above mentioned ice cream.
  5. A couple of pieces of dark chocolate.

Alcohol turns to fat twice as fast as food

  • 2 days allowed 1 glass, 3 days not allowed and 2 days whatever you like.