Fat Buster with Natto


Natto (fermented soya beans) is an aerobic microorganism and probiotic which makes it one of if not the most powerful food for increasing good bacteria, eliminating fats/toxins and providing a healthy alive body organism. I have put it in the 3 day fat buster for you to truly feel the wonderful effects of ‘Natto’ power and experience the benefits. 

The 3 day ‘fat buster’ eating plan uses foods with imperceptible qualities such as fat burning, gut cleansing and toning.

Many cultures such as Chinese, Japanese, Persian and Indian understand foods and the effects on the body based on yin/yang, hot/cold, damp/dry principles. They also recognize the effects of specific flavours such as pungent thins the blood and breaks down fats and toxins, bitter has astringent qualities that tone the gut and reduce fluid retention and sour that help organs like the liver and kidneys work better.

Under each dinner the benefits of some of the foods used are mentioned for your enjoyment.

Chew well, eat less and live longer!
Email david@slimmersedge.co.nz if you would like the 3 day fat buster plan?

David Clark