History of vibration training

In 1999 Guus van der Meer, a renown Dutch Olympic coach, noted enhanced athletic performances among athletes using vibration training techniques. Familiar with the time-constraints limiting many people from a more active lifestyle, Guus van der Meer saw a window of opportunity for short yet effective vibration workouts. Drawing on his extensive experience, he developed the first Power-Plate training programs in response to the ever-growing needs of the health and fitness market.

The first Power-Plates boasted exclusive designs, high-quality materials and unique technologies, including two precisely controlled and mounted motors. Only the Power-Plate was able to simultaneously produce physiologically accurate vibrations, active in tri-dimensionality. The majority of appliances that emulate this principle produce only a two-dimensional rocking movement that cannot guarantee such satisfactory training results.

In 2003, in a move that cemented the validity and prowess of our product, the US space travel agency NASA bought five Power-Plates, heralding the return of vibration training to the space program.

The main objective remained to gain a broad acceptance in the health and fitness sector for the following obvious reasons:

  • Scientifically developed programs
    • Unmatched technology
    • A comprehensive and accessible training program
    •   High profile product brought to a local level

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