Fitvibe Pro

Made by Gymna-Uniphy in Germany, a medical supply company.  The first steel models were released in 2002 from technology it had gained from an acquisition in 1999. These medical models were designed with LCD displays to show programs and posture, a feature used heavily to sell all its models, but apart from that were identical to the original Power Plate ( now Vibro-Gym ).  These units had been designed some time prior to 1999 so undermines Power Plates claim of “inventing” this form of Therapy.

Since its original medical designs it has released a large round Pro machine and a small Home unit. Being very careful to make sure their machines produced no random 3D vibrations, they aimed for true Lineal instead. ( the cheaper Chinese machines wobble in all directions ) . They even delayed the release of the Pro machine to ensure the quality was sound. Something a purely marketing driven company would never have done.

Fitvibe ProFit-Vibes are still made in Germany. SlimmersEdge moved away from Power Plate in 2006 and started using Fitvibe.

This allowed us to push the boundaries with program design:

  • SlimmersEdge writes the training program on the smart card  with fitvibe Coach Software
  • The SlimmersEdge member launches the smart card into the fitvibe Excel Pro
  • The “personal coach” shows the training program immediately, and all possible training variables are set
  • Simply press the Start button to start the exercises

The optional and newly revised version of our unique Fitvibe Coach Software allows our trainers ”customised” programs, individual notes and even pictures transferred to the plate. This is unique in the field of vibration training.

In addition, the Fitvibe Coach Software includes additional programs for sports and wellness such as fitness, golf, skiing, tennis and cellulite, so with German engineering durability and smart card capabilities vibration training is still evolving.