Measure to Succeed:
To make sure you’re on track we do a weigh-in every 28 days or month (28 days till awesome) with a
set of body composition analysis scales and tape measure to determine your body fat, BMI, waist size etc. and, more crucially, your weight LOSS!




Irina Ray

First month:
Gives you
definition with slender body form which includes reducing your waist and legs size.




Second month:
Using the increased muscle tone created in the first month the second 28 days is all about burning fat.





Third month:
Focuses more on diet, increased cardio intensity & vibration programs designed to accelerate fitness & weight loss or the continuum of slender body form & reducing fat.





At SlimmersEdge you get personal trainer assistance as part of your membership from $19.95 per week targeting the areas you want to improve. Memberships allow 24/7 access so you can come anytime that suits you, although you are encouraged to make appointments with David, the owner, on a regular basis at no extra charge as part of your membership to ensure you get the body you expect and deserve.