Olivia Pierson – I joined David’s gym in order to tone up my whole body, eradicate cellulite – as well as maintain a slim figure.  I’m very pleased with the results after two months!  Thanks to the vibration machines, not only did muscle tone return very quickly to my legs, arms and bum, but I also have a lot more strength in my legs for cycling, which I love.  David is very helpful and bouncy, always ready with guidance and advice – a real pleasure to have around (I appreciate his cheeky wit too).   I never feel comfortable in gyms, but Slimmer’s Edge has a friendly, intimate feel which is very unique and puts me at my ease.


Sonia Bambi Stander – Just amazing place to go , been coming here for so long and never left disappoint.





Jie Yu – It’s a nice place – Highly recommend!!

Make you feel relax and comfortable . David is really honest and friendly, he helps you to know the parts of your body you need to work on and give you professional instruction for your exercise. These machines are better than the gym, you can enjoy your exercise process.



Agkillah Maniam –  “I’ve never believed in gyms or fitness centres. But having had met David, his sensible explanations made me feel that I needed to pursue a healthier lifestyle; not for anyone else, but for me and my future. David and Anastasia are amazing instructors with their constant guidance, genuine concern and motivation. Their gym advices are always complemented with practical tips to healthy eating and cooking. My 8 weeks with Slimmersedge has improved my physical strength tremendously. Being a first timer, I never knew vibration trainings would be this awesome! To date, I have lost weight, gained muscle mass, have gone down one dress size and am definitely in better shape!”


Karthic Segar – David is truly amazing, in 18 months I lost 23 kg and 12 cm from my waist.
He helped me with diet advise and personal training with cardio and the vibration machines.
David also encouraged me to learn swimming and do boxing which I really enjoy. 
I now eat brown rice rather than white rice and simple flavored foods with a variety of legumes because I am vegetarian.



Emmy Uyen – SlimmersEdge is amazing in 1month I have lost 4 cm from my waist, 3 cm from my thigh and 4 kilograms and since June 11 kg!

David Clark is the best trainer I’ve ever had. It’s only $20 per week for 24 hour/7 day membership. Vibration training is awesome.. love the cellulite massage programs.
Tks David & SlimmersEdge, cant wait to see new me, new body in next few months, will keep update for you 🙂


Hao Wang – David is best man.
I lost 6 kg, 5 cm from my waist and 7 % body fat in 2 months.




Irena Ray lost 15 kgIrina Ray – “My journey starts when I met David, when I came to New Zealand, before I new I put on 12 kilos by eating ice-cream and burgers and driving in a car not walking or any exercise whatsoever. After joining the SlimmersEdge club I saw unbelievable results my cellulite is gone I lost 12KG and have more energy than ever in my entire life and feel very happy. I’m not a big fan of gyms or running but since I joined the club, hardly been a morning which I haven’t missed my training because Mr Clark David make this half an hour full of fun, pleasure and joy which I carry on through by busy day. Thank you David I’ve got my health and slim body back in my life back, I feel 20 years younger”


Jeanie Nguyen – When I lived in Auckland, it’s the first time I knew about vibration training. At first I was quite a bit skeptical about this method, but when I started to go to SlimmerEdge everyday, the result was unexpected, after a few months I can see my body toned and begin reducing the number of kilograms. David is a very funny, caring and helps me with my diet. If I have a chance to live in Auckland again I will definitely go to SlimmerEdge everyday 



Lani Fogelberg – If you want to work out in a comfortable, caring environment then Slimmers Edge is the place to be. It has a boutique atmosphere and David is an expert in achieving results on a much deeper, health-focused level than what you get at a normal gym.



“David takes cKyla Jeongare of each individual’s process like a personal trainer, and the vibrating machine is absolutely fantastic- especially with the workout programs that David made. After a month of the SlimmersEdge experience, I lost 4.3% of body fat, gained 2.7% of muscle mass and tone, my metabolic age is 10 years younger than my age. I was never a gym person but I love SlimmersEdge so much!”



Rachel Colley –   “I firmly believed gyms were “human zoos”, populated by fake-baked, bunnies clad in the latest “go faster”, designer  gym gear, but getting closer to 40 than 30, I realised I needed to do something. I wasn’t overweight, not particularly wobbly but I was grossly unfit. I joined Slimmers Edge with the primary aim of toning up and improving my fitness. Everybody is made to feel welcome. Nobody looks at you sideways or judges you. All ages, all sexes, all shapes and all sizes are made to feel welcome and encouraged to achieve their personal fitness goals. The nutritional advice and eating plans are informative, delicious and effective. To my amazement, keeping fit is fun, and going for a workout is second nature now. I can comfortably run 5kms in a very respectable time while maintaining a conversation, I don’t have wobbly bits and have, as an unintended bonus, dropped nearly 6kgs. I love it!”

Danielle Howden“In one month I’ve been able to tone my legs thanks to the amazing vibration machines, great variety of workout programs available for them, and knowledgeable instructors. Since they offer an intensive, focused workout you can condense your time, but still see results. It’s been a welcoming, friendly environment, and David is always willing to offer well rounded insight into all areas of physical health. I would also recommend it as a great supplementary training for professional dancers/athletes since you can improve bone density and customize the vibration training for your personal needs. Thanks David and team!”


Brazilian Vibration TrainingOrla – “I have only been attending Slimmers Edge for three weeks now and after my second week I already started to see a difference to my shape. I attended a regular gym for a year and never got results as quick as I have in Slimmers Edge. The staff are very helpful and friendly and every evening I look forward to going which is something I never thought I would say about a gym.”