Ampuku abdominal massage

Ampuku is an intra-abdominal massage that revitalises and cleanses the digestive organs. It addresses abdominal swelling, acid re-flux, digestive problems, infertility issues, endometriosis, menstrual tension, post pregnancy swelling… and those are just the immediate issues.

Ampuku focuses on the centre of the body – both physically and energetically. Some believe it to be the spiritual centre the body’s processes.

It stimulates circulation, digestion, absorption and blood distribution, oxygenating tissues in the process. Hormonal function is improved and reproductive organs awaken. The physical and energetic benefits are huge – and highly adaptable to your particular concerns.

Kidney ginger compress

With the application of a heated compress containing plant extracts to specific parts of the body, this treatment balances and purifies the kidneys, which eliminate nearly 60% of the body’s toxins.

This Improves kidney function, helps with weight-loss, improves libido and increases energy levels.

Specialised massage

David has been a leading shiatsu massage therapist for 32 years, incorporating Swedish, shiatsu, trigger point techniques, remedial, deep tissue and sports massages. He has performed over 40,000 hours of professional massage and consultation for various health disorders. Massages can be customised to suit your issue, from a sports injury, to neck and shoulder pain.

All treatments are 60 minutes: $120, or 90 minutes: $180


When I joined SlimmersEdge David and his trainers were aware that I was gearing up for pregnancy and were always helpful and understanding. Two or so months into my membership I overheard David saying something about Ampuku massage and its success rate for increasing fertility… My first pregnancy three years ago took a while to eventuate so I promptly booked myself an appointment with David and was treated to a relaxing hour long Ampuku massage.  I found the whole experience fascinating, especially when David told me I had ‘brittle’ ovaries (!) and that the massage combined with the heat would bring back the blood flow into that area. This seemed quite logical to me and when I fell pregnant on my next cycle following the massage I was convinced it was because of the Ampuku!! I am now 5 months pregnant and all’s going well. Cheers David!!!   Kelly McQuinn

I have been treated by Dave Clark for the past 25 years. I say ‘treated’ because he not only recognises what a client needs, but one comes away with a feeling of having been treated. He has a great understanding with a holistic approach from massage through diet to exercise. It’s a journey worth taking.  Steve Fisher

David has been my masseur for 28 years, at least once a week – and up to four times a week during some years. I have been to some of the world’s leading spas and had shiatsu from the son of the inventor of shiatsu and I can honestly say that David is better than them all. His ability to understand his client’s body, combined with his unique salt pack and ginger compress treatments provide both healing and stress relief from almost any ailment. He has always been able to take any stress I have had in my day and throw it out of the window – all in 90 minutes. I have recommended him to many friends who have had ailments over the years and he has always been able provide a solution that goes to a different place beyond what a physio or chiropractor can do, but always complementary to any other traditional treatment.” – Andrew Krukziener

I don’t normally give personal references, but this one is worthwhile. A few years ago I got really sick in Thailand with food poisoning, and my intestines never quite came back to 100%. Recently I’ve been seeing David Clark who does intra-abdominal massage – basically he gives your internal organs a massage by getting into your abdominal cavity. He’s probably the only trained practitioner in NZ who does this, and frankly he’s AMAZING. Most of your energy stores and 50% of your reserves of vitamins and minerals live in your Intestines, so if they’re not 100%, then you’ll feel awful. If you have any kind of digestive problems, acid reflux, abdominal pain, bloating etc, then go and see him. You can thank me later.   Seeby Woodhouse

I’m a 21 year old female, who has always been fairly thin my whole life. Since going into puberty, I’ve never really had a ‘normal’ period – they’ve always been very light and irregular. This problem took a bad turn and developed into amenorrhoea for about one year when I went through a bad ‘skinny’ period and lost a lot of weight, dropping to a dangerously low BMI. Being a student undergoing medical training, I realised this put me at a greater risk for problems in the future such as osteoporosis (and more). After gaining back all the weight I lost, I tried various methods to try and get my periods to come back, mostly to no effect. By this stage, I was getting quite desperate and frustrated and almost resigned myself to the fate of having to go through essentially ‘premature menopause’ at 20 years old.

Someone then introduced me to the idea of going for Ampuku with David, so I decided to give it a go, without expecting much. However, it was like magic!! I managed to have a normal DECENT period the day after my second Ampuku session. (I only needed 2!) This was a phenomenal result and in fact, it was probably the most decent period I’ve ever had! Furthermore, David kindly also gave me specific advice and information about dietary changes I could make that would enhance my health and well-being.

Lastly, I’d also like to add that the ampuku sessions were nice and relaxing, and done in a professional and kind way. They gave someone with low confidence and self-esteem issues, hope and confidence again. Thanks for everything!   Meiyes Toh

Four sessions made a huge difference to my digestive problems.   Grayson Coutts

I come over from the States once or twice a year. David is exceptional. He has a most unusual gift.   Jamie Linen

I’ll second Seeby, and Jamie. It was actually Jamie who introduced me to Dave and I’ve been seeing him for almost a 4 years now. I can back up everything that Seeby says. Dave is a genius – he can do stuff that would just confuse doctors. – Tom Smith

I always used to have bad periods in every way possible. I thought it would be something I would just have to live with. I am actually in disbelief about how ampuku has helped, or rather, healed my bad periods.  Now I feel 100% all the time and never have to dread that once a month. Thank you!  – Rebekah Toh

Hi David, just wanted to quickly thank you for your help after only 7 months of trying to conceive my husband and i recently found out we are pregnant. You were very professional and knowledgeable , i enjoyed the 1 hour massage on lunch breaks to relax me and get my systems working again as the doctors had told me i was not ovulating. After treatment you were able to get my periods more regular and boost my ovulation back to where it should be. I also enjoyed the food lists you gave me and how i felt once i introduced my new diet. Thank you once again for your help and i know many other couples will be very pleased with your results. After treatment with David i conceived on my 3rd cycle, which was great.  – Emily Tromp  

One day I randomly came across David’s website whilst surfing the internet and saw that he did this massage called Ampuku. I was very interested in Ampuku because it stated that the massage helped clean out your insides and help with any problems you may have. So out of curiosity I made an appointment and off I went. My problem was irregular periods. My mother had the same problem when she was younger and my sister has the same problem now.  During my first appointment David asked the purpose of my visit?

My reply: “I really want to get pregnant in the near future but I have very irregular periods”. David said if I could give him 2 months of working on me then I would fall pregnant within that time! I left that appointment feeling overwhelmed and thinking not to get my hopes up because I had being trying for many years to conceive without success and that I had also had 2 miscarriages.

I turned up to every appointment with a positive attitude and the hope that this would work.  After 7 appointments (1 a week) I found out I was pregnant… yay, I couldn’t believe it and couldn’t wait to tell David on my 8th appointment. I was the happiest girl in the world that day.

I feel I owe him so much for helping me conceive and overcome one of the biggest hurdles in my life. If it wasn’t the treatment David gave me, I would still be trying to this day to conceive through modern medicine.

Once again David, thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.  – Lynnaire Reedy