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We are experts in weight loss and body tone. We will help you feel great, lose weight and body fat. It's like having a personal trainer without having to pay for one. We offer small friendly environment, family like approach. If you are looking for something different from sweaty big gyms, you are in to the right place.


Vibration training is central to what we do at SlimmersEdge – it’s the first thing you’ll notice when you walk in! Developed in the 1990s for peak performance of athletes, it’s now become a revolution in:

Wellness and weight loss (creating residual body tone);

Anti-aging (producing human growth hormone & testosterone);

Increased bone density (helping combat osteoporosis);

Pain reduction (arthritis-related joint pain, lower back pain); and

Enhanced collagen production (improved skin elasticity).

Teamed with cardio workouts, targeted abdominal work and inspirational food advice from David, our owner, which will completely change the way you view your eating habits, we aim to get the results you want and help you to reach your goals fast.



We recommend regular workouts at SlimmersEdge, you are welcome to visit as often as you like but a minimum of three times a week is advised. A typical session would start with a 15-20 minute workout on one of our crosstrainers or treadmills (just enough to work up a good old sweat). Follow this up with a 15-20 minute programme on one of our vibration machines. There are limitless exercise programmes suited to target particular muscle groups, which can also be personalised to suit your body’s needs and limitations.

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You can also choose to do one of the cellulite workouts; these provide a deep tissue massage to break down fatty tissue. And finally, the abdominal work: one of our trainers will construct a specific programme for you which can be modified as your muscles strengthen. After a quick weigh in and body fat measurement, you’ll be back at work within the hour!



We have five Fitvibe Pro machines, made by Gymna-Uniphy in Germany, a medical supply company. The vibration plates move at 30-50 times per second to stimulate muscle groups with which the brain does not communicate. We have a whole host of workouts programmed to cards: these are inserted into the machine and a digital display will show you the positions to hold for the duration, being typically one minute each.

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Whilst you don’t necessarily need extra equipment, we also provide weights, medicine balls and Swiss balls to ramp up the workout and improve the experience. We also have four crosstrainers and two treadmills for your cardio work, also with programmed exercises to concentrate on “slow and steady” or “high intensity”. We use a set of body composition analysis scales to determine your weight, body fat, BMI etc. and, more crucially, your weight LOSS!


Fitvibe Exel Pro


On your first visit one of our trainers will spend time with you to ascertain your fitness goals, current weight, measurements & medical data and any limitations you may have. You can follow a typical session of cardio and ab work and have a go on one of the vibration machines. Our trainers can also provide nutritional advice to boost your experience further.

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Membership allows you to come in every day except Sunday. It’s a fully inclusive price that includes dietary advice, all training programmes, assistance and, more importantly, results. Click on Free Trial to view our prices.

We also supply a number of organic staple foods, which you can purchase at low prices. In addition, you will receive a free copy of David Clark’s cook book, Inspiring Organics, which has some wonderful recipes for cooking whole foods.

SlimmersEdge run a number of extra services on an ad hoc basis which you can get involved in at no extra charge. Examples include the 30 Day Ab Challenge, early morning or lunchtime runs, food diary analysis and regular recipe emails.

David has completed over 30,000 hours of body work over 30 years, specialising in Ampuku Abdominal Massage, Shiatsu and the Kidney Ginger Compress. These extra services, along with cooking classes, are available for an additional fee.

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