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SlimmersEdge, 45 Anzac Ave, Auckland Central, are experts in weight loss and body tone.

We will help you feel great, lose weight and body fat. It's like having a personal trainer without having to pay for one, David Clark.

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I’ve lost 10 cm off my hips since I started working out with Dave at SlimmersEdge. The workouts at this boutique gym are varied and low-impact, and you get personalized, friendly help which keeps me coming back.

-- Sera Jeong,

I joined SlimmersEdge just over 5 weeks ago and have no regrets! SlimmersEdge makes working out fun, as each day David has new challenges for you, and each session is always different from the one before. David also gives everyone their own unique workout to target problem areas specific to you, in order to achieve the results you are looking for. In just four weeks I lost 10cm off my hips and already have more confidence and energy. David has given me the motivation to be the absolute best I can be!

-- Kimberly Shea,

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